Take part

Entrance Fee (in Israeli Shekels) 2024
  • Adult
    71 ILS
  • Child (age 3 - 18)
    54 ILS
  • Police officer, student, soldier, senior citizen
    54 ILS
  • Guest with disabilities
    35 ILS
One-Year Membership Prices
  • Child
    245 ILS
  • Adult
    330 ILS
  • Student
    245 ILS
  • Soldier, police officer, senior citizen, person with disabilities
    245 ILS
  • Couple
    570 ILS
  • Couple + 1 child
    690 ILS
  • Couple + 2 children
    750 ILS
  • Couple + 3
    810 ILS
  • Couple + 4
    860 ILS
  • Couple + 5
    915 ILS
  • Couple + 6 or more children
    970 ILS
Membership Prices for Single-Parent Families (per year)
  • Parent + one child
    515 ILS
  • Parent + 2 children
    665 ILS
  • Parent + 3
    735 ILS
  • Parent + 4
    755 ILS
  • Parent + 5
    795 ILS
  • Parent + 6 or more children
    830 ILS
Group admission rates
Group rates are for 25 or more people from institutions and organizations and with advance reservations
  • Each adult (above age 18)
    56 ILS
  • Each child (age 3 - 18)
    45 ILS
  • Soldier, senior citizen
    45 ILS
  • Guests with disabilities
    30 ILS

How can you contribute and be a partner of the zoo’s activities in nature conservation in Israel and the world?

  • Have you visited the zoo? You are already partnering with nature.
  • Have you purchased a membership? You are already partnering with nature.

Volunteering at the Zoo

If you love animals, you care about nature and the environment, and you want to do “something for your soul,” come volunteer at the zoo! You can volunteer at a variety of zoo departments (according to need). As volunteers, you can get up close to the animals and help the zoo staff provide appropriate and high-level treatment to the various animals, as well as offering your own individual talents in many ways.

For more information send an email to volunteers@jerusalemzoo.org.il

Friends of the Zoo

The friends of the Zoo is an association which contributes annually to the zoo’s activities and takes part in financially supporting special initiatives for the community, zoo development, and educational initiatives on the topics of nature conservation. All this activity is made possible by donations from individuals and companies. Aid from the Zoo Friends is essential for the zoo, and the friends are part of the educational, cultural, and zoological activity at the zoo. They symbolize the public recognition of the zoo’s activities.

Every June, the zoo hosts a prestigious event, where Zoo Friends meet with zoo management and staff and enjoy all the new attractions and events taking place at the zoo.

How to Become a Zoo Friend

If you love the zoo and want to contribute (minimum contribution is 2,500 ILS per year) and be a partner in our activities for the sake of nature conservation and protection of endangered animals, we invite you to contact our Zoo Friends coordinator, Talya Tzabari-Gibli, at telephone: 050-5726999 or email at yedidim@jerusalemzoo.org.il

The zoo provides its Friends with a personal honorary admission ticket, with admission for the Friend and four accompanying guests to the zoo throughout the year, as well as participation in special events for the Zoo Friends. Additionally, each Friend is entitled to discounts at the Israel Aquarium and at the Zoo Souvenir Shop and Café.

Photo: Leehe Ralph.