Special zoo tours

Entrance Fee (in Israeli Shekels) 2024
  • Adult
    71 ILS
  • Child (age 3 - 18)
    54 ILS
  • Police officer, student, soldier, senior citizen
    54 ILS
  • Guest with disabilities
    35 ILS
One-Year Membership Prices
  • Child
    245 ILS
  • Adult
    330 ILS
  • Student
    245 ILS
  • Soldier, police officer, senior citizen, person with disabilities
    245 ILS
  • Couple
    570 ILS
  • Couple + 1 child
    690 ILS
  • Couple + 2 children
    750 ILS
  • Couple + 3
    810 ILS
  • Couple + 4
    860 ILS
  • Couple + 5
    915 ILS
  • Couple + 6 or more children
    970 ILS
Membership Prices for Single-Parent Families (per year)
  • Parent + one child
    515 ILS
  • Parent + 2 children
    665 ILS
  • Parent + 3
    735 ILS
  • Parent + 4
    755 ILS
  • Parent + 5
    795 ILS
  • Parent + 6 or more children
    830 ILS
Group admission rates
Group rates are for 25 or more people from institutions and organizations and with advance reservations
  • Each adult (above age 18)
    56 ILS
  • Each child (age 3 - 18)
    45 ILS
  • Soldier, senior citizen
    45 ILS
  • Guests with disabilities
    30 ILS

Discovering the Secrets of the Zoo – Behind-the-Scenes Tours

How to care for an elephant, what does a lion eat for dessert? Who visits the zoo at night?

The zoo staff invites you to join unique tours which open a door into the work of the zookeepers, and the various activities at the zoo. Through the tours, you will be able to enter the internal rooms of the exhibits and see up close the work of the keepers with a variety of animals.

From Thailand to Jerusalem

Encounter with the Asian Elephants On this tour, we will meet the department team members– Thai and Israeli, who will show and explain how they train the elephants. We will discover the special bond between the elephants and their keepers and the uniqueness of the elephants at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. On the tour, we will also visit the male elephant’s house and hear how these strong and intelligent animals are cared for. At the end of the tour, we will see how the elephants eat dinner in their homes.

In the Footsteps (paw prints) of the Zoo’s Large Predators

We will set out on a tour among exhibits of the zoo’s predators, where we will watch trainings of our red pandas and cheetahs. We will see enrichment activities for the martens, and we will learn from as close as possible about the bears and the lions, when we visit behind-the-scenes at their exhibits.

Monkeying Around at the Zoo

Come and meet our monkeys, take part in the lemurs' morning training, watch the enrichment activities of the squirrel monkeys, visit the mandrills' house and get as close to the chimpanzees. An exciting and interesting experience for all participants.

Africa and South America without a passport

Join us on a trans-continental journey: we will start with the animals in the South American courtyard, and through the Biblelands exhibit to meet up with the animals of the African continent.
During a tour we will learn about how keepers look after the giraffes, the rhinoceros and other the other African yard residents. Visit the Rhino House and see the giraffes up close. Learn about the Persian fallow deer and ibex herds and then get the low down on the fascinating animals with strange names in the South American yard from the peccary to the capybara.

Night adventure at the Zoo – an overnight tour

Spending the night at the Zoo is an unforgettable experience! After dark, the Zoo is full of magic and mystery! We will look for the special animals who come to visit the Zoo at night and find out which animals go to sleep early! At the end of the tour, we will gather around a bonfire and then go to sleep in tents pitched near the flamingos. An early morning wake-up to the sounds of animals and a morning tour full of experiences, ending with a light breakfast by the lake ( the food is not addapted to allergies or other sensitivities).

****Food on the tour is not suited for those with various food allergies and sensitivities. 😊

Special Presentations for groups

We are happy to offer specia lpresentations for your occasion!
·       Corporate locations
·       Bridalshowers/bachelor parties
·       Workplace team-building activities
·       Continuing education lectures on nature and animals
·       Continuing education lectures for teachers
·       Specialfamily events
·       Birthdays
Prices for Institutions and Organizations
Arranged in advance with a 25 person minimum
Child (aged 3-18)                                                     34 ₪                    
Adult (aged 18 and above)                                      42 ₪                    
Soldier, senior citizen, disabled guest,
disabled veteran                                                       34 ₪
(upon production of documentation)
Guide (per group of 30 people)                              255 ₪     

These prices are valid only if the group visit is arranged in advance.

Contact us for more information! Tel. 02-6750111 or email info@jerusalemzoo.org.il