Australian Yard

  • "The Australian Dream" features a variety of species from the Australian mainland, Papua New Guinea, and the island of New Zealand. The display includes species from a variety of habitats. In the first exhibit, you will see two species of desert lizards - the blue-tongued lizard and the bearded dragon. You can then continue into the gray-headed fruit bat exhibit. Due to its size, this bat is also called a flying fox. The bats were injured in Australia and arrived at the zoo from a special shelter for injured bats. Along with them, you will also see the tawny frogmouth and the bettong, which is the largest pigeon species in the world.
  • The exhibit offers a look at several species of Australian parrots – the palm cockatoo, the kookaburra, and the Papuan hornbill. At the yard on the right side, you can see a growing group of the largest and most famous marsupials of Australia, the Eastern grey kangaroo, as well as a relative of the ostrich, the cassowary.

Animals in the exhibition:
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