Entrance Fee (in Israeli Shekels) 2024
  • Adult
    71 ILS
  • Child (age 3 - 18)
    54 ILS
  • Police officer, student, soldier, senior citizen
    54 ILS
  • Guest with disabilities
    35 ILS
One-Year Membership Prices
  • Child
    245 ILS
  • Adult
    330 ILS
  • Student
    245 ILS
  • Soldier, police officer, senior citizen, person with disabilities
    245 ILS
  • Couple
    570 ILS
  • Couple + 1 child
    690 ILS
  • Couple + 2 children
    750 ILS
  • Couple + 3
    810 ILS
  • Couple + 4
    860 ILS
  • Couple + 5
    915 ILS
  • Couple + 6 or more children
    970 ILS
Membership Prices for Single-Parent Families (per year)
  • Parent + one child
    515 ILS
  • Parent + 2 children
    665 ILS
  • Parent + 3
    735 ILS
  • Parent + 4
    755 ILS
  • Parent + 5
    795 ILS
  • Parent + 6 or more children
    830 ILS
Group admission rates
Group rates are for 25 or more people from institutions and organizations and with advance reservations
  • Each adult (above age 18)
    56 ILS
  • Each child (age 3 - 18)
    45 ILS
  • Soldier, senior citizen
    45 ILS
  • Guests with disabilities
    30 ILS

Statement of Accessibility for the Biblical Zoo Website

updated May 24, 2022

The organization is committed to creating a positive service experience for all of its customers and through all channels of activities.

In accordance with this commitment and with the guidelines of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Act (1998), the organization makes accessibility adjustments on its website, guided by accessibility consultants and other professionals, to enable full service through its website to all, including people with disabilities.

Accessibility Services

• All organization employees providing customer service have undergone training for provision of services to people with disabilities and have received the tools to provide service related to accessibility and accommodating visitor requests on the topic of accessibility.

• Accessibility arrangements are built into the facilities.

• Phone reception is accessible through recorded information spoken clearly and without background music.

Accessible Website

• Accessibility adjustments have been made to the website, ensuring that people with disabilities and the elderly may use the site at the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as all site visitors.

• The website meets the requirements of the Equal Rights Regulations for People with Disabilities (accessibility adjustments to service), 2013, and has been adjusted in accordance with recommendations by Israeli standards (5568).

• Adjustment has been made in accordance with requirements of the W3C organization to level 2 (AA) and was built according to W3C standards for CSS and HTML web coding.

• The website is compatible with various web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge) including use on smartphones. The site is checked by the most up-to-date version of the NVDA screen reader.

• Have you experienced a problem? Let us know.

We do our best to maintain the website at the highest level. If you find or experience any difficulty in your website experience regarding accessibility, please don’t hesitate to report it to us through the contact us form. So that we may address the problem in the most efficient way, please include as much detail as possible:

o Description of the issue

o Type and version of the web browser

o Operating system

o Type of assistive technology (if you used one)

o Which page did you visit?

o What action were you trying to perform?

We will address the problem and update you on how we corrected it.

Accessibility Provisions at the Biblical Zoo

● There are accessible parking spots next to the zoo entrance.

● There is full accessibility to the parking lots, zoo entrance, pathways, and along the entire route around the zoo.

● All entrances are accessible.

● Accessible restrooms - there are accessible restroom stalls at the restrooms at the zoo entrance as well as along the zoo route.

● Vision impairment - some of the animal exhibits allow fora close-up look, while some are further away from the animals, which may present difficulties in seeing the animals. There are exhibits with close encounters with the animals, such as at the children’s petting zoo.

● The snack bar is accessible.

● People may come to the zoo with their service animals(such as seeing eye dogs) with advance guidance so as not to enter areas with direct access to the zoo animals. For arrangement, please call the reservation center at 02-6750111, or send an email to

● The zoo can be reached by telephone at 02-6750111 or alternatively through email ( or fax (02-6430122).

● Zoo employee training for accessibility services takes place annually.

● The zoo staff is at the service of its visitors for any need or assistance.

Motorized scooters:

  • The zoo maintains a limited number of motorized scooters for use by people with disabilities (who have difficulty walking). The scooters are provided free of charge with presentation of a disability I.D. card and based upon availability. The scooters cannot be reserved in advance. Loan of a scooter requires signing a document which confirms the user's responsibility and a deposit (cash or credit card) with the zoo's security team  before using the scooter.
  • Use of the scooter is limited to two hours. There may be times when, due to extensive crowding and for the safety of zoo visitors, for example during intermediate days of the Sukkot and Pesach holidays, we will be unable to offer scooter loans.
  • We are currently assessing the safety implications of use of one-seater personal scooters, including on crowded days. Owners of this type of scooter will be able to use them throughout the zoo after signing a form which delineates their responsibility and commitment to maintain a travel speed of 10 kilometers per hour or less.

Contacting the Accessibility Coordinator

If, in the course of your visit to the zoo’s website, you encountered difficulty with regard to accessibility, the zoo’s accessibility team is at your service through various channels for your inquiry in this matter. We will be happy to receive your feedback.

Contact information for the accessibility coordinator:

Name: Ziv Ayalon

Tel: 02-6750111


Mailing address:

P.O.B 26120 Jerusalem 9126002

For answers to your questions regarding accessibility and recommended walking routes, please call 02-6750111.

‍Sharing Feedback

We encourage feedback from our users. If, in the course of your visit to the website, you encountered a specific problem with regard to accessibility, weare happy to receive your feedback via email:

Photo: Talya Tzabari-Gibli