Bible Land Wildlife Preserve

  • The Bible Lands Preserve is a 40-dunam area, home to animals mentioned in the bible and which inhabited the Land of Israel during Biblical times. Unfortunately, many of them have become extinct and have disappeared from the living vistas of Israel. At the Bible Lands Preserve, we strive to protect these species, to breed them, and even to return them to the wild in a supervised manner. The bible serves as an important source for understanding the major changes in the world of wildlife in the Land of Israel since the days of the Forefathers through today.

The area is divided into three parts:

  • The first section is dedicated to the rocky areas of Israel, and this is where a large flock of Nubian ibex live. Within the group, you can see males, females, and young offspring climbing between the rocks.
  • The second section represents the Mediterranean forest. This is the largest section, where you can find a large flock of Persian fallow deer. The young offspring at the exhibit are returned to the wild in the Nahal Soreq and Galilee regions of the country. This area also includes the Palestine mountain gazelle, some of which arrived injured from the wild. There are also several Scimitar oryx and ovis, or wild sheep individuals.
  • The third section represents the desert region, where you will find Arabian oryx. Our flock’s offspring are sent to the Yotvata Wildlife Preserve in the Arava region and then returned to the wild.

Animals in the exhibition:
חזרה ל״מה בגן״