Tropical Aviary

  • There is one place in Jerusalem where you can escape the dry air - the tropical aviary at the zoo. The air inside is always humid and simulates a tropical rainforest. On hot days, you can enjoy a cool and refreshing water mist. Stop, observe, and walk among the animals and the dense vegetation while trying to identify the variety of colorful birds that live inside the spacious aviary. The aviary includes small displays, where you can see a variety of animals that come from the tropical habitat. At the entrance, you can see two views of a mangrove marsh, in which live mudskippers and long-necked turtles. You can see the python and the colorful poison dart frogs and the impressive hornbill species. From there, you can ascend to the upper level and watch up close the impressive Argentine tegus lizards and the dwarf deer. From the wooden bridge, you can catch a great view of the crowned pigeon, other various bird species, and the impressive waterfalls. At the aviary is also the gold-handed tamarin, popularly known as the Midas tamarin, after the famous king with the golden touch. Before leaving, you will find the display of the green tree pythons. The variety of species and displays represent the rainforest habitats from around the globe.

Photo: Netan'el Savradalov

Animals in the exhibition:
חזרה ל״מה בגן״