Marsh Aviary

  • The Marsh Aviary is home to a variety of waterfowl, which can be seen from observation points and even from the observation tower located within the exhibit (like the observation tower on Lake Hula, famous among the living sites of Israeli winged birds). Waterfowl usually come from three habitats: ducks with short legs that swim in the water, birds with long legs used to walk in muddy water and long beaks that help them with fishing, and species of birds that live in thickets of vegetation.
  • The aviary serves two purposes: nature conservation and education. The aviary serves as a nesting and breeding center for ferruginous ducks, a small and beautiful-looking duck. These ducks can dive to a depth of up to ten meters, hence its Hebrew name tzolel, meaning diver. Ferruginous duck populations are declining in all the areas where they live in Israel and around the world due to habitat destruction, pollution of water sources, and disturbance in nesting. The second goal is education and raising awareness - of threats to wet habitats in Israel. Apart from observing the animals, the observation tower is large enough to host classes and workshops. Additionally, on display is a biological system for water purification, wherein water is filtered by flow-through vegetation that eliminates the need to change the water while educating visitors about sustainable solutions.

Animals in the exhibition:
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