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The new zoo website is up and running!

Covid-19 is keeping you home?

Special for Tu-Bishvat- make your own Spiney mouse with leaves, branches and a pine cone:

 To create a spiney mouse, you will need apinecone, thin tree branches, two leaves, a pair of googly eyes, scissors, andhot glue/glue gun.


Watch this video on how to do it, and below arethe instructions.

1.     Cuttwo ellipses from the two leaves.

2.     Cuta branch into three parts – two short pieces for the legs, and a longer piecefor the tail.

3.     Getgluing.

And there you go – you’ve easily created a cutespiney mouse 😊

We have an animal puzzle challenge for you! press here and print it out!

zoo puzzle for kids
Zoo puzzle!

Email us the results to !

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