Hannukah at the Zoo

Celebrate Hannuka in the Zoo with special festive activities

Celebrate Hannukah with a variety of activities: an experiential navigation game for the whole family among the exhibits, fascinating behind-the-scenes tours, guided activities at the exhibits, and more.

A navigation game throughout the zoo

Discover the exhibits through an interactive navigation game, conducted through your mobile phones. The game offers an interesting visit experience throughout the zoo, is approximately 1.5 hours and is for the whole family.

The game will take place 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily throughout Hannukah, except on the weekend.

Additional details are available at the guide desk at the zoo.

Special behind-the-scenes tours

Join us for a special experience at the zoo - a behind-the-scenes tour of the various exhibits. On the tour, you will visit the animals' homes, meet the keepers, and of course the animals! The tours include carnivore exhibits, herbivores, monkeys, and elephants.

  • The tours are intended for visitors age 6 and above.
  • Zoo admission is included in the price of the tour.
  • The tours will take place throughout Hannukah, excluding the weekends.
  • On December 5, 2021, the tour will be held in english! book now!

Animal Activities

Guided Animal Feedings at the Zoo

Tuesday-Thursday (30.11-2.12) Sunday-Monday (5-6.12)

10:00 Small animal building

10:30, 16:00 Peccary

10:45 Mandrills

11:15, 15:00 Chimpanzees

12:00  Penguins

12:30, 15:30 Elephants

13:00 Male elephant

13:30 Asian small clawed Otters

14:00 Meerkats

14:30 Urangutans

16:30 Kangaroo

Animal House

Meet & Greet with friendly animals-in the Animal house in the children's zoo!

11:00-16:00 every hour, on the hour

Photo by Amir Saperia.

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