Discovering the Secrets of the Zoo

How do you care for an elephant? Whatdoes a lion eat for dessert? Who visits the zoo at night? For how many hoursdoes a giraffe sleep?

Join these special zoo tours and enjoy anextraordinary experience!

The tours are presented by zookeepers andtake place within staff-only areas, behind the scenes.
Through the various tours, you will enter the inner rooms of the exhibits andmeet the animals up close. Get a closer look at the work of the keepers andhear, firsthand, about fascinating stories and experiences.

Meet the giants – elephant tour

On this tour, youwill meet the department’s staff – both Thai and Israeli, who will talk abouttheir work with these giants of the zoo and will share their daily routine withyou. Discover the special connection between the elephants and their keepersand their special work together. On the tour, you will visit the elephanthouses, and you will see, up close, how an elephant sleeps, what an elephanttooth looks like, why elephants are given pedicures, and you’ll see theelephants’ nighttime feeding.

This tour is for ages 7 and older.

The elephant tours will take place throughout the summer months onTuesdays at 5:30 PM.

Tour length is about 2 hours.

Do lions like strawberries? Tour in the footsteps of the carnivoresat the zoo.

This fascinating tour is led by the keeper team of the predators’exhibits at the zoo. On this tour, you will discover how the Syrian brown beargets its shots, what the red panda’s favorite treat is, what the cheetahs do atnight, and what the lions’ house looks like.

This tour is for ages 6 and older.

The carnivores’ tour will take place throughout July on Sundays at5:30 PM and throughout August on Tuesdays at 5:15 PM.

Tour length is about 2 hours.


Journey from Africa to South America without a passport

We will embark on this journey and meet the animals of the SouthAmerican Yard, African Yard, and Bible Lands Preserve. On the tour, we will getacquainted with the world of caring for giraffes, rhinoceros, ibex, and oryx,and we will learn the answer to the question – how does the giraffes’ houselook? We will hear the fascinating story of the release of the Persian fallowdeer to the wilderness, and we will meet fascinating animals from the South AmericanYard, from the peccary to the capybara.

This tour is for ages 6 and older.

The journey from Africa to South America departs every Tuesday at5:00 PM from the zoo’s entrance courtyard.

Tour length is about 2.5 hours.

Ape after Human – encounter with the monkeys of the zoo

At the zoo, there are several species of monkeys from throughoutthe world. We will embark on a tour to become better acquainted with thesefascinating creatures. We will meet the squirrel monkey, we will hear thefascinating rescue story of Pepe, the spider monkey, we will watch thechimpanzee training, and we will visit the home of the mandrills – a once in alifetime tour!

The monkey tour will embark from the entrance courtyard on Tuesdaysat 4:30 PM and Fridays at 8:30 AM.

Tour length is about 2 hours.

General information:

·        Tour registration must be done in advance.

·        The tours are suited for families. Please notethat participation is not allowed for children under the listed ages.

·        The tour price includes admission to the zoo onthe day of the tour.

·        Cancellation of tour participation can be madeuntil 48 hours before the tour by sending an email to .

·        There may be changes to the tour routes, inaccordance with the needs and responsibilities of the zookeepers.

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